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Responsible Retailing.


A Responsible Retailer Of Alcoholic Beverages

At Endeavour Drinks we’re committed to reflect and uphold community standards. In our capacity as a good corporate citizen and responsible retailer of alcoholic beverages, we do our utmost to help protect individuals and society from the harm caused by excessive consumption. 

Of course, we recognise that alcohol consumption is ultimately the responsibility of the individual. The law, however, is clear about what we can or cannot sell, who we sell to and when we sell. In fact it requires a strict regime of processes and procedures that governs every aspect of our operation. 

As a signatory to the Alcohol Beverage Advertising Code (ABAC) our advertising campaigns never step outside community standards.  Our advertising will never target young people. We never stock a drink item if its advertising and packaging makes a direct, unambiguous appeal to young people, or encourages excessive consumption such as binge drinking.



We Walk The Talk

Because we value our good name, reputation and public trust, we aim to go beyond basic regulatory compliance. 

Highlights include:

  • We ask for ID if a shopper looks under the age of 25

  • We help to stop secondary supply through our Don’t Buy It for Them policy and awareness campaign

  • We take the lead in campaigns for responsible drinking, eg DrinkWise Australia cultural change programs and labelling initiatives

  • We never knowingly serve an intoxicated person

  • We refuse service if a shopper is in school uniform

  • We ensure a first home delivery is attended and have our delivery staff ask for ID and check for signs of intoxication

  • We say ‘No’ to violence against women through our support for the White Ribbon awareness campaign. 

We engage our team members and encourage them to undertake a Jawun secondment in an indigenous enterprise for a six week period.    



Making a positive contribution to Australia

Endeavour Drinks is a funding supporter of DrinkWise - an independent, not-for-profit organisation whose primary focus is to help bring about a healthier and safer drinking culture in Australia.

DrinkWise aims to:

1. Promote a generational change in the way Australians consume alcohol.

2. Increase the age that young Australians are introduced to alcohol,  as evidence has shown that alcohol can impact the development of the adolescent brain.

To promote such significant behavioural changes, DrinkWise develops and implements a range of national information and education campaigns, as well as providing practical resources to help inform and support the community about alcohol use.

Endeavour Drinks is a funding supporter and contributor to Alcohol Beverages Australia - a pan-industry body created to highlight the positive social, cultural and economic contribution of alcohol beverages in Australia.

The Objectives of Alcohol Beverages Australia are:

1. to support initiatives that encourage the responsible consumption of alcohol beverages in Australia;

2. to ensure a stable political, social and commercial environment in which the alcohol beverage industry may grow sustainably;

3. to act as a single unified forum on agreed alcohol beverage issues in Australia and communicate the collective views of Members;

4. to promote the positive social, cultural and economic contribution of alcohol beverages and the industry in Australia; and

5. to contribute to an informed debate by:

 a. facilitating lawful Member collaboration including lawful coordination of industry positions and responses on agreed alcohol beverage issues;

 b. analysing, summarising and disseminating research, data and practice on alcohol beverage issues to Members and external stakeholders; and

 c. ensuring the interests of those who produce, sell and consume alcohol beverages responsibly are fairly represented



Industry Statement Of Principles

Endeavour Drinks have developed a set of Good Buyer Principles. This sets out the standards governing buyers and their relationships with suppliers and the importance for all parties to act with fairness and transparency in their dealings with each other. Before you become one of our suppliers you’ll need to know – and agree to abide by – the following:

Principle 1: Fair and clear commercial relationships

Principle 2: Clarity in marketing and promotional activity

Principle 3: Open, honest and early communication

Principle 4: Protection of Intellectual Property

Principle 5: Dispute Resolution

The Principles are applied across all of our business covering our buying teams and brand managers.

Complementing these Principles is an agreement with the Winemakers Federation of Australia, representing all Australian wine producers, that more specifically recognises the agricultural roots and specific needs of this sector. The Good Wine Buyer and Supplier Principles: A Code for Fairness and Transparency can be found here. 
A Guide to the Principles has also been produced in order to assist winemakers in understanding how they operate which can be found here.


Woolworths Employee Code of Conduct

Endeavour Drinks employees are bound by the Woolworths Limited Code of Conduct which has been developed to help our staff enhance the company’s reputation by explaining how our legal, moral and ethical standards can be achieved every day through our behaviours and our choices. The Code of Conduct and the expected behaviours extend to all employees, directors, contractors and consultants of the Woolworths Group.

Employees that are involved in buying need to do business fairly and ethically with suppliers by: 

- obtaining the best value for money from all trade arrangements but never at the expense of acting ethically; 

- never accepting or demanding any form of inducement or bribe in return 

for business; 

- never placing undue pressure upon our suppliers;

- never trying to influence competitor pricing or deals offered by suppliers to our competitors;

- never being influenced by our suppliers to fix our retail prices;

- regularly reviewing our trade partners’ contractual arrangements; 

- ensuring that our buying and procurement processes are transparent and in line with our Trade Practices Principles.

Speak Up Program

About the Supplier Speak Up Program 

At Endeavour Drinks we are committed to open and positive relationships with all of our suppliers. We recognise, however, that a situation may arise where a supplier feels an important issue can’t be dealt with directly with us, and where the supplier would prefer to use an independent and confidential avenue for raising the issue.  We have created the Supplier Speak Up Service for this purpose.

Who can use Supplier Speak Up?

If you believe that you have a concern about, or information regarding a matter you don’t feel comfortable raising directly with Endeavour Drinks through normal business channels, then you should consider using the service.

Reasons for using the Speak Up Service may include:

  • you feel raising the issue directly could harm your relationship with Endeavour Drinks

  • you have good reason to believe that, if raised directly, the issue might not be dealt with objectively

  • the matter has already been raised, but you feel it has not been addressed appropriately

Matters which you can raise with the Supplier Speak Up service include:

  • Breach of the Food and Grocery Code of Conduct (a separate Grocery Code complaints and resolution process is also available)

  • Fraud, bribery, money laundering, corruption, secret commissions, or behaviour that threatens others

  • Risk to people or product safety

  • Breach of law, including theft, restrictive, unconscionable, or anti-competitive trade practices

  • Breach of Woolworths Responsible Sourcing Policy

  • Conflicts of interest

  • An improper state of affairs or circumstances, or misconduct, in relation to Endeavour Drinks or one of its related entities

  • Improper use of confidential information

  • Violation of human rights, such as the issues outlined in the Responsible Sourcing Policy

Where can I get more details? `

The Supplier Speak Up policy available here covers other topics relating to Speak Up.

How can I access Supplier Speak Up?

To make a report, use one of the following channels:  


  • Australia 1800 772 173

  • New Zealand 0800 393 76736

  • Hong Kong 800-96-0016

  • China 400-6-612-693

Online WoolworthsSpeakUp.ethicspoint.com