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Commercial/legal Requirements

Commercial / legal Requirements


Working with us – warehouse versus delivery to store

Endeavour Drinks maintains a world-class distribution network to our stores and direct-to-customer. It makes life a lot easier for suppliers that are looking to sell their products across the nation, but is flexible enough to service a small boutique producer just wanting to be featured inside our store in their local town.

If you have a product that’s specific to your region, then you may be able to supply direct to your local store. See our store map.

If you wish to supply more widely than that, we can get your products to our stores from any of our distribution warehouses. If you choose to use our logistics network we can assist in making sure your product can “talk” to our system and get it around the country in a feasible manner.


Being a nation-wide multi-option retailer servicing over 1,400 stores and ranging more than 13,000 SKUs requires a highly efficient warehouse and distribution system.

We are also part of Woolworths Group which comprises supermarkets, petrol stations, and hardware stores to name a few. This network is supported by a significant investment made in our logistics and distribution system that brings savings to our customers and suppliers. 

While this necessitates various forms to be completed, it ensures that our checkouts can register a sale of your product and for our warehouses to know when we need to place an order with you.

A single team from Woolworths Group manages supplier and product information for all of its retail banners - supermarkets, hardware, petrol, general merchandise and, of course, our drinks business. This means you’ll need to complete some standard forms if you want to become an Endeavour Drinks supplier. Our buyer will tell you when you need to complete the following:

Vendor Maintenance Form

Before any forms are filled in, the vendor will need to meet with the Business Manager to discuss the opportunity of selling their product, agree on trading terms and then this document needs to be signed and returned.  

The New Vendor Submission can be sent via email, however the following two documents must be sent via post.

  • Please ensure that you submit an ORIGINAL COMPANY INVOICE that clearly states the company name, ABN, phone , fax and street address.

  • Please ensure that you submit an ORIGINAL BANK DOCUMENT that clearly states the BSB, ACCOUNT NAME & ACCOUNT NUMBER (deposit slip, top half of a bank statement, signed and stamped letter from the bank)

New Article Summary Form

A form that contains a summary of all new lines that you are presenting. To present this form you also need to contact GS1 to obtain barcodes for your product and carton on +61 3 9558 9559 

Article Form

This form covers specific details about the product and carton dimensions

Price Form

This form is used for new lines and existing lines to advise the cost of your product or change in cost to your product