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Our Merchandising Strategy

We love sharing our passion for the world of drinks and taking our customers on that journey with us. That’s why Endeavour Drinks’ merchandising strategy is centred around our customers and ensuring we exceed their expectations. 

The importance of a complete picture of our customers is paramount if we are to keep satisfied the three million customers visiting one of our 1,400 stores and websites every week. Understanding them – knowing what they want – means that we can earn their loyalty by delivering the right range, at the right price points to deliver value for money, add interest and excitement through promotional activity and make the shopping experience an enjoyable one. In short, a deeper understanding of our customers is a vital part of being able to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.



Adam Fry, General Manager- Buying & Merchandising

"The primary obligation of Endeavour Drinks is to place customers at the centre of everything we do. Our buyers recognise that delivering the highest quality products and the best available prices to our customers is only possible by entering commercial partnerships that are mutually beneficial and promote a sustainable and diverse industry."


Become a Supplier


Getting it right 

As a drinks retailer with a large national footprint that puts us in every community in Australia, we want to offer customers the best possible range in our stores. We know customers chase many different things – experiences, authenticity, flavours, health and well being – so we need to ensure our range is not homogenous but tailored to suit a particular state, region or store.

Customers are always looking for inspiration or something new and exciting that they can enjoy or share with others. While this creates some challenges with shelf space, we’re always open to considering opportunities to provide something new.

We understand our suppliers

Whatever your product, your business size and market presence we understand that: 

  • You’re looking for ways to build distribution for your brand 

  • You want your brand to be recognised and active in the market

  • You’d like to have a meaningful promotional program

  • You want to work with people who know the market and the role your brand plays within the category.

We understand our markets

Endeavour Drinks strives to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs so that we continue to grow the categories in which we participate. Today these include beer, wine, glass spirits, ready to drink beverages (RTD’s), lower alcohol and non-alcoholic products.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who conduct category deep dives, analyse and understand shopper habits, provide category insights and sophisticated systems that capture a richness of data to ensure our ranging decisions are fully informed.

We have a world-class logistics and 
distribution system

Engaging in multi-option retail while servicing over 1,400 physical stores and ranging more than 13,000 SKUs requires highly efficient warehouse and distribution systems.

Endeavour Drinks has made significant investments in its logistics and distribution system that bring significant savings to our customers and suppliers.

It also makes life a lot easier for companies that are looking to sell their products across the nation, but is flexible enough to service a small boutique producer just wanting to be featured inside their local town retail outlet. 

While this necessitates various forms to be completed, it ensures that our checkouts can register a sale of your product and for our warehouse to know when we need to place an order with you.

We have great brands and people

Our BWS and Dan Murphy's retail brands are rated on their positioning as number one and two in the market and command a great deal of customer trust and loyalty.

Online, our websites are the most highly visited in the Australian marketplace and we are constantly innovating to keep pace with changes in technology and customer shopping habits. An example of innovation is our new Dan Murphy’s app which allows a shopper to snap a picture of their favourite beer, wine or spirit label and then purchase it from our store.

A key performance indicator for our business is to track how our suppliers regard us. To that end we conduct regular 360 degree feedback through an independent survey on how our people work with suppliers. While our buyers work hard and fairly at getting the best deal for our customers, our goal is one of continual improvement from the insights your feedback provides us.

A working partnership

When you become a supplier you sign a contract and enter into a partnership that needs to work for everyone:

  • We expect our business relationship to succeed

  • We strive to be responsive and timely in our dealings with you – and we expect the same from you

  • We expect the relationship to be financially profitable for both parties



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